Week #4 class is tonight

The final cooking class is tonight for Fueled Strength Meals.  We actually get to prepare our meals tonight.  Chef Tim is opening his kitchen up and we can cook whatever we want using the low carb high healthy fat concepts he's been teaching us the last three weeks.

Almost time for week #2

Week number 1's class was jammed packed with information.  After the class last Wednesday I took a few days off for Fall Break.  Traveling creates a unique set of problems when you're trying to eat out and still eat healthy and watch your carbs.

Week #2 Class

Week #2 class was all about making sauces.We learned how to make alfredo, pesto, marinara, and how to combine those sauces together to create delicious new and exciting flavor combinations.  We also learned how to make home made mayo, soups, salsa, and compound butters.

No class this week....taking a Fall Break

Last Week we were taught about sauces and how to make them.  The "5 Mother Sauces" upon which healthy cooking is based include: Cream based, Brown based, Tomato based,fish stock and Beloute or thickened chicken stock. 

It's working!

Eating right and increasing my exercise is working!  Played two hours of pickleball on Sunday afternoon. Walked for 30 minutes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Week #3 Class is tonight

Results are what I'm after by changing my eating habits.  It's working!  I've lost 13 pounds, two inches off my stomach and tightened my belt a notch.

Class is Over, Now What?

I'm happy to report that I'm down 18 pounds since the first of October.  That includes almost 4 inches off the middle and one belt notch.  Happiest about the belt notch actually!!  I survived Thanksgiving eating Phyllis' home made dressing and mashed potatoes.

The Holidays Are Almost Here

Christmas is only a few days away.  There are lots of parties to go to and lots of foods that are hard to pass up.  My plan is to stay on my low carb meal plan as much as I can.

New Years Resolutions

The holidays are over.  We've started a new year.  Is one of your New Years Resolutions to loose weight?  If so I recommend it.  Deciding how to do it and stay on course is the hardest part. 

A New Way of Thinking

I’ve been trying to do some reading on these long winter nights.  In Jimmy Moore’s book Cholesterol Clarity he talks about the old way of thinking and the new way of thinking about Cholesterol and the numbers we see.