Fueled Strength 4-Week Cooking and Wellness Course. Week 1

Starting Wednesday evening I will be participating in Chef Tim Flicks 4-week Cooking and Wellness Course.  My goal is to learn how to eat healthier and lose some weight in the process.  I have been preparing myself for the course the last few weeks learning how to read labels on foods that we purchase and also cutting down on my carbs.  
I hope you follow my journey to better health and read my blog as the classes progress and I learn how to:

1st: Understanding the Low Carb/High Health Fat Lifestyle / Knife Skills, how to roast, saute and grill meats and vegetables. 2nd: Avoiding Sugar and Carbs, how to make Soups, Sauces, Marinades, Compound Butters & Compotes. 3rd: Why to avoid vegetable oils, reading and understanding labels, how to make Mayonnaise, Aioli's, Dressings & Vinaigrettes. 4th: Iron Chef...Cook multiple dishes with teammates and demonstrate how to shop, prep and prepare meals for the week to help avoid fast food and impulse eating.