Week #4 class is tonight

The final cooking class is tonight for Fueled Strength Meals.  We actually get to prepare our meals tonight.  Chef Tim is opening his kitchen up and we can cook whatever we want using the low carb high healthy fat concepts he's been teaching us the last three weeks.  I've learned a lot.  It was hard over the weekend when I went on a two day hunting trip.  Had to pack my lunch and eat in the tree stand.  I did well though.  Didn't gain any weight even though I ate more carbs than I like.  I miss certain things still.  Wanted a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ really bad last night but the urge passed because I talked myself out of it.  Still want it but not going to eat one till I get to my desired weight.  Then I'll reward myself.  Will post more in the next few days.  Here's another delicious low carb meal...Mexican Califlower Rice Skillet Dinner.