Week #3 Class is tonight

Results are what I'm after by changing my eating habits.  It's working!  I've lost 13 pounds, two inches off my stomach and tightened my belt a notch.  Phyllis & I are working together to come up with low carb healthy meal choices.  They've been delicious.  My goal is to keep the weight off, lower my cholesterol and not going back on high cholesterol medicine.  It's was difficult at first to give up the carbs but I'm getting used to it.  Two meals we came up with that were great were Parmesean crusted pork chops with grilled zucchini and mushrooms merinaded with a little pesto sauce, olive oil, salt & pepper.  The second was a Chorizo omelet with avocado and home made salsa.  Both were delicious.  Continuing to exercise more also helps with weight loss.