A New Way of Thinking

I’ve been trying to do some reading on these long winter nights.  In Jimmy Moore’s book Cholesterol Clarity he talks about the old way of thinking and the new way of thinking about Cholesterol and the numbers we see.  According to Moore LDL is a calculated number not an exactly measured number.  If our numbers are too high, typically above 200, then we might be told by our doctor that we should start taking a Staten drug to lower the numbers.  Statens do have side effects including muscle aches and pains.  I was taking a Staten for over 5 years and it finally caught up with me so I quit taking it.  The result?  My Cholesterol numbers were worse. 

We’ve also been told for many years that a low-fat, low-cholesterol heart-healthy diet is good.  After taking Tim Flick’s Fueled Strength Meals Cooking Class I started to think differently.  Tim’s class is all about lowering Cholesterol by eating a low-carb high healthy fat diet fueled by fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods that are not processed.  Now we watch the labels of everything we buy and if the carbs are too high we just put it back on the shelf.  I’ve lost 9 inches and 25 pounds so far and it seems to be working for me. 

Is one way of dieting better or worse?  I think we all have to believe in something and if it works and is healthy then that’s what we should do.  I’ll get blood work done again in February.  I’ve been told that it might take 3-6 months for my Cholesterol levels to improve.  I guess I’ll find out in February if it’s working or not.  Stay tuned!