No class this week....taking a Fall Break

Last Week we were taught about sauces and how to make them.  The "5 Mother Sauces" upon which healthy cooking is based include: Cream based, Brown based, Tomato based,fish stock and Beloute or thickened chicken stock.  From these several combinations can be made. If you want to thicken a sauce or stock then you can add a mixture of corn starch and water to boiling stock. Be sure to mix the corn starch in cold water before adding to the boiling stock. The key to eating healthy is to avoid processed and gluten foods.  It's definitely a lifestyle change.  I've had people ask me if it's working.  I say yes I've lost a few pounds and most importantly lost 2 inches around my stomach!  My goal in addition to weight loss is to lower my cholesterol and improve my LDL.  One of the delicious sauces that are easy to make is alfredo. It can be mixed with pesto sauce or marinara for a totally different taste.