Jasper on the Air, INC is currently hiring for a Part Time Board Operator.  Applications and job descriptions can be found at https://linktr.ee/witz_104.7

Jasper On The Air, Inc.



  It is the policy of Jasper On The Air, Inc. d/b/a WITZ, WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM and W256DA to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, gender or age in all personnel actions including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination.

  It is also the policy of Jasper on The Air, Inc. to promote the realization of equal employment opportunity through a positive, continuing program of specific practices designed to ensure the full realization of equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender or age.

  As a broadcaster, to ensure conformance with the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (See Appendix FCC Rules- Part 73.2080), we have adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Program, which includes the following elements:

E.E.O.:  Equal Employment Opportunity


  The General Manager and Business Manager are responsible for the administration and implementation of Jasper on The Air, Inc. Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.

      It is also the responsibility of all persons making employment decisions with respect to recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination of employees to ensure the policy and procedures are adhered to and that no one is discriminated against in these decisions because of race, color, religion, national origin, gender or age.

          Employment is not merely defined as the hiring of employees.  Included of human resource practices, such as:  recruitment, evaluation, promotion, compensation, training and termination.  Therefore, anyone responsible for any aspect of the employment of station personnel is responsible for implementing our E.E.O. Program.  This includes those who hire, as well as those who supervise.



          To assure that all members of the staff are cognizant of our equal employment opportunity policy and their individual responsibilities in carrying out this policy, the following communication efforts are made:

     a.  The station’s pre-employment application form contains a notice informing

          prospective employees that discrimination based on race, color, religion, national

          origin, gender or age is prohibited.  If an applicant believes he or she has been the   

          victim of discrimination, the applicant may notify the Federal Communications

          Commission, the Equal Opportunity Commission, or Work One, 703 West 6th St.,

          Jasper, Indiana or call (812) 634-1599.

  1. Notices of the Employment Laws are posted at the station informing employees

And applicants that the station is an Equal Opportunity Employer and of an

individual’s right to notify appropriate agencies if the individual believes he or she

is the victim of discrimination.                                                                             

  1. All “help wanted” advertisements, Vacancy Announcement letters and station 

newsletters include a notice that WITZ, WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM & W256DA is an        

Equal Opportunity Employer.

  1. WITZ, WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM & W256DA General Manager is kept familiar with federal, state and local E.E.O. laws applicable to our stations, by subscribing to E.E.O. related labor law publications.
  1. A bulletin reminding employees of the station’s E.E.O. Policy and Program, and

asking their help in recruiting, hiring and promoting consistent with the policy and program of Jasper on The Air, Inc. is posted along side labor law publications.


          To ensure compliance with the Equal Opportunity Employment Policy and nondiscriminatory consideration of minorities and women in filling vacant positions, WITZ, WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM & W256DA utilizes broad outreach.  The following recruitment procedures will be followed:

  1. The Vacancy Request Form is completed by the General Manager to initiate the search.  If the vacancy is due to a newly created full-time (30 hours or more) position, the form must clearly state reason for the new position.  (See Exhibit I)


  1. A written job description defining the “essential” and “non-essential” functions and minimum qualifications, including education, experience, licenses, certifications and special skills/abilities must be developed or updated for the vacant position.  (See Exhibit II)
  1. All “help wanted” advertisements, vacancy announcement communications or

general posting must be based on the job description specified above.  (See Exhibits III and IV).  Advertisements and web postings must include the phrase “Equal Opportunity Employer” or E.O.E. at the end of the notice. 

  1. Notification of vacant positions will be forwarded to BCS (Broadcast Compliance Services) (see EXHIBIT V), minority and women’s organizations, local community groups and print media.  Only professional employment services, including Work One Southwest, Jasper whom refers job candidates without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, gender or age, will be considered.  2010 Indiana Demographic Profile Data inserted.   In addition Jasper On The Air, Inc. will air job vacancies  (See Exhibit VI)
  1. Whenever possible, Jasper On The Air, Inc. will allow a minimum of

five working days for resource organizations to respond to vacancy notices.

  1. A central resume file will be maintained by the Business Manager.  Files will      

consist of unsolicited mailed, emailed resumes or walk-in applications by category, i.e. unskilled, skilled, professional, technical, office/clerical, sales and managerial.  Applications will be purged from the file every six months.  The recruiting team (General Manager & Business Manager) are responsible for maintaining a file for each vacant position during the recruitment period.  The

Business Manager will maintain a master vacancy file and merge all relevant documents once the vacancy is filled.

     g.  Unsolicited resumes or walk-in applications are forwarded to the General Manager

           for review and assessment, then on to the Business Manager to notifying them      

           of their status.


      h.  The General Manager is responsible for the recruitment of candidates and utilizes                                                                 

           the Applicant Evaluation Sheet to ensure compliance with the E.E.O. policy.  (See

           Exhibit VII) 



           The Applicant Summary for Job Vacancy will document compliance with the E.E.O. policy in the recruitment and selection of employees.  It also provides adherence to information required by the E.E.O.C. on the annual Public File Report required by the Federal Communications Commission and at License Renewal. (See Exhibit VIII)


          The hiring summary documents the “good faith” efforts implemented by WITZ, WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM & W256DA for an effective E.E.O. program that provides employment opportunities to all qualified candidates as follows:

  1. The hiring summary must be completed in its entirety in order to enter data  

for reporting to recruitment resource organizations contacted for referrals.  A copy of the vacancy announcement must be attached.

  1. If you are not sure of the candidate’s race or ethnicity, DO NOT  ask them

to identify their affiliation.  Use your own discretion through personal observation of the candidate.

  1. The master file will contain the original resumes or pre-employment application

forms for each applicant.  Only the candidate selected will have a copied version

of the resume or application form.

  1. All applicants interviewed must complete and sign a pre-employment  Jasper On The Air, Inc. Application Form (See Exhibit XI).   Employment Reference Checks (See Exhibit IX) or Personal Reference Checks (See Exhibit X) will not be performed without a signed pre-employment application granting authorization. 
  1. The completed Applicant Summary For Job Vacancy and all relevant documents 

Are due within two days from the date an employment offer is accepted by the selected candidate.  All documents must be submitted to the Business Manager.


           It is the practice of management to review annually employee job performance,

leadership and personal characteristics as an overall determination in decision making

when examining pay, promotions etc., in order to offer promotions of qualified minorities and women in a nondiscriminatory fashion to positions of greater responsibility.