Almost time for week #2

Week number 1's class was jammed packed with information.  After the class last Wednesday I took a few days off for Fall Break.  Traveling creates a unique set of problems when you're trying to eat out and still eat healthy and watch your carbs.  I found myself ordering vegetables and salads instead of french fries or potatoes.  I did splurge one day and had mashed potatoes.  I did eat a few taco chips when we ate at a Tex-Mex restaurant.  For the most part I did a good job of eating healthy.  Lots of scrambled eggs, with vegetables and seasoned various ways for an early lunch between 10-11 AM.  No other meals on most days except for a sensible dinner.  When I did want a snack I chose low carb snacks like meat and cheese and did find some healthy snacks from Trader Joe's.  I still miss my diet Coke and sweets to some degree but I think once I get further along in my healthy eating process I'll  miss them less.

Tomorrow night I learn to make soups, sauces and marinades!  I'll keep sharing my experiences with the Fueled Strength 4-Week Cooking and Wellness Course and I hope you follow along.