SPORTS LIVE ON-AIR: October 7th – 13th

WQKZ FM would air all post season MLB games involving the St Louis Cardinals

Monday approx. 7:55PM WITZ FM Boys Sectional Soccer from EVSC Field Jasper vs Evansville Reitz with Walt Ferber and Kyle Rupert

Wednesday 6:05PM WITZ FM Jeff Brohm Talk Show(Purdue Football)

Wednesday 7:05PM WITZ FM Inside Indiana University Football with Tom Allen hosted by Don Fischer

Thursday approx. 6:55PM WITZ FM Girls HS Soccer Jasper vs Pike Central or Princeton with Walt Ferber and Scott Blazey

Friday 3:20PM WITZ FM Southridge Forecasters with Charley Wayne vs Pike Central

Friday 3:40PM WITZ FM Jasper Forecasters with Walt Ferber at Washington

Friday 7:15PM WQKZ FM HS Football Heritage Hills at Forest Park with Roger Stuckey and Doug Fischer

Friday 7:05PM WITZ FM HS Football Jasper at Washington with Walt Ferber and Terry Gobert

Friday approx. 9:45PM WITZ FM Indiana Sports Talk

Saturday 11:00AM WQKZ FM College Football Purdue vs Penn State with Tim Newton Pete Quinn and Rob Blackman

Saturday 11:00AM WITZ FM College Football Indiana University vs Rutgers with Don Fischer Buck Suhr and Joe Smith

Saturday 6:55PM WITZ FM Girls Sectional Final from Jasper if Jasper is in it with Walt Ferber and Scott Blazey

Saturday 9:30PM WITZ FM Indiana Sports Talk

Sunday 5:00PM WITZ FM and WQKZ IHSAA Football pairings Show

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