Voting Information ahead of November 7th

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Dubois Co.- Election Day is fast approaching.

Voters will be casting their ballots on Tuesday for who they’d like to see represent them at the municipal level of government. There are some things they need to be aware of before heading to the polls.

“They need to make sure they have a photo ID,” said Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock, “Most commonly people will bring a driver’s license or ID card, sometimes a passport or military ID. Those are the most common things we see.”

If your ID has expired, you can still use it. However, they cannot be expired earlier than November 8, 2022.

This year’s ballot shows many candidates vying for district seats. If confused on which district you fall in, you can visit to verify. 

This years candidates in contested races are:

Huntingburg Mayor

Neil Elkins (I)

James Hopf (R)

Huntingburg Common Council- At Large

Tim Wehr (I)

Eric Jochim (R)

Huntingburg City Common Council- District 4

Kim Blessinger (I)

Pamela Bolte (R)

Jasper City Common Council- At Large (Pick 2)

Nancy Eckerle (R)

Daniel Kreilein (D)

Phil Mundy (R)

Jasper City Common Council- District 3

Chad Lueken (R)

Ben Nowotarski (D)

Jasper City Common Council- District 4

Vincent Helming (R)

Dave Hurst (D)

Jasper Clerk Treasurer

Kiersten Knies (D)

Bridgette Bartley (R)

Voters within the Northeast Dubois School District will also have a question on the ballot involving property taxes. 

“The funds would be focused towards academic programming, managing class sizes, and extra curricular activities.  These three areas are vital to the development, growth, and success of our students.  Now let’s transition into the question itself. The initial part of the question is pretty identical to the 2016 question.  However some recent legislation requires a mandatory addition of the following. The property tax increase requested in this referendum was originally approved by the voters in 2016 and if extended, will increase the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a residence within the school corporation by 22.2% and if extended will increase the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a business property within the school corporation by 22.2%.” Said Jason Hagan, president of Jeep Strong, “Increase of 22.2% what? I assure you that it doesn’t mean if approved that your overall property taxes would increase by 22.2%! So what does 22.2% actually represent? The .18 cent referendum is a cap so the corporation utilizes what it needs of that cap each year.  For example, the current school tax rate is 97.7 cents and the current year referendum amount this year is 16.63 cents.  You must take the difference of these numbers to get the non referendum tax rate of 81.07 cents.  Then take the 18 cent cap divided by the non referendum tax rate of 81.07 cents.  So what’s that saying?  It’s pretty simple, 18 cents equals 22.2% of the overall non referendum tax rate.  That’s it. Since this is a proposed renewal of our current rate the word increase is not important. 18 cents is 18 cents or 22.2%.  A better word could have been used like continuation but the rules are the rules. The referendum is vital in continuing and expanding the academic programming at Northeast Dubois.”

Dubois County is a vote center county, meaning all registered voters can vote at any of the voting polls on election day. 

Voting Poll Locations (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

Jasper Moose Lodge

Thyen-Clark Cultural Center

St. Mary Community Center- Ireland

Huntingburg Event Center

Dubois Ruritan Park

Celestine Community Club

There are also still opportunities to vote early.

November 4th (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM) Locations

Huntingburg Event Center

Dubois County Courthouse Annex

Dubois Ruritan Park

35th Street Fire Station (Jasper)