Voters need to know something about their choices

The first casualty of war is, everywhere and always, the truth.  And our government hasn’t had a moment’s peace since the catastrophic and apparently ongoing WWI.

The facts are clear, well-documented, and undeniable by anyone of honest reasoning.  Julian Assange reported only the truth on WikiLeaks, and it’s our government that continues to lie.  Assange published our governments’ anti-constitutional war crimes as verified source documents, and many traditional media outlets both validated and published the truths in their own publications.  To wield the unconstitutional Espionage Act of 1917 (a crime and national embarrassment in itself) against Assange requires at least six anti-constitutional and catastrophic crimes:

  1. There is no freedom of speech, or of the press, in obvious violation of the first sentence of our once-precious Bill of Rights.
  2. That the legal abstraction, “the United States,” is a creature with rights that supersede individual human rights.
  3. That the United States can wage war whenever, however, and against whomever, it sees fit.
  4. That the United States is both unimpeachably powerful, and unaccountable, to the public.
  5. That citizens have no right to know what they’re voting for, paying for, or dying for.
  6. That informed citizens of the United States are enemies of the United States.

It’s tragic that the TNI establishment media normalize and reinforce all the preceding abomination.  But voters still ought to know what candidates for the 2024 election think about this significant, pivotal case against Assange.  So how about we start with the other candidates for Indiana’s US Senate race

I’ll summarize what I think by saying that I believe that Assange should be lauded as a hero, and our government – that dangerous, opaque abstraction of partisan staffers, unjust courts, bureaucrats, puppet politicians, corporate cronies and global puppet-masters, should be wholly replaced, in a single day, by the process of peaceful revolution our founders bequeathed us.  Is that clear enough?