Versteel Unveils New Website Experience

 Versteel Unveils New Website Experience with Captivating Tagline: “Our Niche is You” Jasper IN (January 18, 2024) – Versteel announces the launch of its revamped website featuring a fresh and intuitive design, coupled with an engaging new tagline, “Our Niche is You.” 

The new website design is clean and timeless, placing a strong emphasis on the user experience while embodying Versteel’s distinctive personality and values. The integration of an easily readable modern typeface with a bold, handwritten script injects character into the design, highlighting an emphasis on individuality. Interactive elements, responsive design and accessibility breathe life into the content, storytelling and company as a whole.

 “A lot of time, dedication and care went into this project,” states Audra Hamlin, Director of Marketing at Versteel. “In order to provide a compelling digital experience, we took a step back to reflect on Versteel as a brand and conducted a deep dive to understand the different visitors to the website. Whether an employee, sales rep, customer or community member, each person visits the site with a different goal in mind.”

Versteel’s new tagline, “Our Niche is You,” reflects the profound significance Versteel attributes to this sentiment. Versteel invites you to immerse yourself in the rich narrative and discover firsthand why “Our Niche is You.” Explore the new website at