The day has finally arrived, and you are ready to enjoy the eclipse. Here are a few travel tips to remember as you make it to your destination! 

• Always be aware of weather conditions in your area. Have a way to receive weather updates such as listening to your local radio stations 98.5 WQKZ; 100.9 WBDC, 103.3 WAXL; and 104.7 WITZ. Or have weather apps, such as Accuweather on your cell phone to receive updates. Have a plan on where to go if severe weather approaches. 
• Anticipate increased traffic as you make your way to your destination to view the eclipse. 
• Have a paper map with you! This will help guide you to your location, in case of a potential cell phone outage and your GPS on your phone is not working. 
• Tune to the local Dubois County radio stations; 98.5 WQKZ; 100.9 WBDC, 103.3 WAXL; and 104.7 WITZ for the latest traffic updates and possible detours. 
• Have your location already in mind as to where you will view the eclipse. DO NOT pull over on the side of the road or on the shoulder of the highway or interstate. Locate a safe location for viewing. 
• Remember you must protect your eyes. Use your solar eclipse glasses or viewer to safely view the eclipse. They must meet a specific worldwide standard known as ISO 12312-2.