TDI Brands Announces Warehouse Expansion

Jasper- Tierra-Derco International, LLC, dba TDI Brands announced today the expansion of its distribution warehouse in Jasper, Indiana.

TDI Brands operate their brands (Tierra Garden, TDI Carts & Liners and Stone Age Creations) from locations in Jasper, Indiana, as well as New London, Ohio.  With the warehouse space expansion in Jasper, Indiana, all existing Stone Age Creations inventory in New London, Ohio, will be transferred to the Jasper warehouse.  The 70,000 square foot warehouse will now house all TDI Brands products allowing for consolidated and more efficient fulfillment.

Stone Age Creations products will be transitioning to the Jasper, Indiana warehouse over the next six months and administrative functions will be transitioned to the Jasper office by the end of 2022.

 “As TDI Brands continues to expand and grow, it is imperative that we create a structure to facilitate that growth, while maintaining superior customer service,” commented Mike Bartley, President of TDI Brands. “The doubling of our warehouse space in Jasper will allow us to consolidate all our brands under one roof and will provide greater operational efficiency and enhanced experience for our customers. I am excited about our strategic business development opportunities that lie ahead,” Bartley added.