Suspect Identified in Evansville Walmart Shooting

Evansville- Evansville Police report a shooting occurred inside the west side Walmart.

Calls came at 9:59pm on Thursday about the shooting. When officers arrived on scene the suspect, 25-year-old Ronald Ray Mosley II, exchanged gun fire with police inside the building. Mosley was a former employee of the company, according to the Courier Press.

“There were multiple times where he was actively shooting at officers,” reported Evansville Police Sergeant Anna Gray outside of the Walmart.

Officers report the Mosley was killed in the exchange on-scene. A search found one victim as of Friday morning who was taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

Friday morning, Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun tweeted:

“Sending our gratitude to the Evansville Police Department for acting swiftly with bravery and professionalism to neutralize this threat and keep their community safe.”

Officers with EPD are searching the area for more possible victims. They ask that if you know any information that can help with the arrest or were a victim, contact the police.

Evansville Police say, via twitter, a press conference will be held on Friday with an update.