Strassenfest Court Filled

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Jasper- The 2022 Strassenfest Court has been filled.

On Saturday, July 30th; the Miss, Junior Miss, Little Miss and Little Mister Strassenfest pageant winners were named at Redemption Christian Church in Jasper.

The 2022 winners are:

Miss Strassenfest

Ava Collins, daughter of John and Nicole Collins

Junior Miss Strassenfest

Erin Verkamp, daughter of Jen and Max Verkamp

Little Miss Strassenfest

Carys Voegerl, daughter of Ottie and Meredith Voegerl

Little Mister Strassenfest

Cohen Begle, Son of Victoria and Cole Gray and Jesse and Danielle Begle

All four winners joined WITZ's Charlie Wayne Live at 7:05am on Monday morning.

For Miss Strassenfest Ava Collins, who is entering her sophomore year at IU, it was enjoyment from her previous Strassenfest pageant that led her to entering for the crown.

“I had a wonderful experience as a Junior Miss (Strassenfest), so six years ago I was in Erin’s (Verkamp) shoes. That was the first pageant I had ever done and I won the title of Junior Miss Strassenfest and I loved the experience, I loved being a part of the Strassenfest so I figured I’d come back for round two as Miss (Strassenfest).”

With Strassenfest being moved to Fourth Street due to the ongoing courthouse square Infrastructure and revitalization project, it offers a new and exciting experience for Collins.

“It’s kind of exciting that I get to be the first Miss at a different location.”

A commonality between Junior Miss Erin Verkamp, who is a seventh grader at Jasper Middle School, and Collins is both won the Junior Miss contest their first go around.

“It was my first pageant so it was a really good experience for being my first time.”

Even though all contestants of the pageant compete against one another for their respected titles, Verkamp said there is still friendship made in the competition.

“I made a lot of good friends on the court. Just the girls that we spent a lot of time with just practicing and it was really fun.”

Little Miss Carys Voegerl will be a third grader at Jasper Elementary this fall and Little Mister Cohen Begle is heading into second grade at Ireland Elementary.

You can see the Strassenfest Court and runner ups all throughout the festival which begins Thursday August 4th and runs through Sunday August 7th. The Miss, Junior Miss, Little Miss and Mister will all be in the Parade on Sunday at 1pm.

*Photo Credit: Jay Hamlin at YourStory Photography, provided to WITZ by Camille Woolston