Strassenfest Committee Announces 2023 Theme, Hoffmarschalls, and Exciting Enhancements

Jasper- The Jasper Strassenfest Committee has announced the theme and Hoffmarschalls as well as some exciting enhancements for the 45th Annual Jasper Strassenfest to be held August 3-6 in downtown Jasper.  

This year’s theme will be “Strong Roots Grow Strong Towns”, and current members of the ROJAC (Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition) board will be honored as Hoffmarschalls.  Laura Grammer will serve in her first year as the Jasper Strassenfest Chairman. As the redevelopment project continues on Jasper’s Courthouse Square, the festival will once again be held on 4th Street with an improved layout to optimize booth and entertainment placement for festivalgoers. 

The theme, “Strong Roots Grow Strong Towns”, was chosen to celebrate Jasper’s designation as the 2022 Strongest Town in the USA and the 20th year of ROJAC.  The theme emphasizes ROJAC’s work in transforming the Patoka River Front, including the site of this year’s Strassenfest, into a celebration of Jasper’s history.  

ROJAC was formed in 2003 when Dave Buehler gathered a group of civic-minded individuals at the Riverwalk to share his vision of what the old area of Jasper could look like. With the goal of providing economic development through tourism, transformation of the area began soon after the group’s inception.  With broad-based community support, the river front has become what it is today, and their goal was realized with the private investment additions of the River Centre, Fairfield Inn, and Thyen-Clark Cultural Center.  

The ROJAC board will be recognized as a group at the opening ceremonies and includes current and original board members - Dave Buehler, Ken Sendelweck, Jim Siebert, Maureen Braun, Nancy Eckerle, Kim Lottes, Bill Schmitt, & Bill Kaiser, along with current members -  Joe Rohleder, Mayor Dean Vonderheide, Kevin Manley, Lisa Gehlhausen, Tom Moorman, Todd Fromme & Whitney Lubbers.  Past board members include – Ken Sternberg, Ron Flick, Leon Fleck, Ken Schmidt, Terry Seitz, Mary Mehringer, Jerry Fuhs, Richard Pearson & Kristen Ruhe.  Dave Buehler will represent the group in Sunday’s parade.  

The location of the fest will once again be on 4th Street. However, after receiving feedback from the community, the committee has made some updates to the festival layout: The Jasper Jaycees beer garden will remain in its current location with the entrance opening to the east end of 4th Street.  Booths will line 4th Street between the beer garden and stretch all the way down to McCrillus Street, allowing for more space between booths.   The main stage will move adjacent to the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, freeing up more seating for spectators and easier access to the nearby booths.  

Other exciting updates include a new ride company, Lark Ranch, and two locations for Half Pot sales.  One Half Pot booth will be on 4th Street, with another at Ruler Foods for the duration of the fest.   After receiving much acclaim in 2022, the Glockenspiel will return as a traditional German centerpiece.  Located at the entrance to Der Deutscher Platz, in the lot on 4th & Jackson Street, you will find frequent family-friendly German activities and contests, along with hourly Glockenspiel performances.  

The Strassenfest Committee would also like to announce sponsorship request letters have been mailed.  The committee encourages past sponsors of the Jasper Strassenfest to watch for these letters and respond as quickly as possible. If you do not receive a sponsorship request letter and would like to find out how you can become a sponsor of the Jasper Strassenfest, contact the Jasper Chamber of Commerce at 812-482-6866. Contributions from our sponsors provide 4 days of free entertainment, infrastructure for booths, activities and events, and make the Jasper Strassenfest a premiere Indiana Festival.

For more information about the 2023 Jasper Strassenfest activities and events contact the Jasper Chamber of Commerce at 812-482-6866 or visit