Senator Andy Zay Works to Enforce Ban on Sanctuary Cities in Indiana

"Passing legislation that ensures the safety of all Americans should always be a priority for lawmakers," said Zay. "Allowing illegal immigrants in Indiana to reside in 'sanctuary cities' is something that I will not stand for. Immigrants must work through the legal process to enter and remain in the U.S. legally. If we don't enforce our immigration laws, we are compromising the safety of our communities and the trust of those who have gone through the legal process to reside here."

Zay continued, “Joe Biden’s disastrous policies at the border have caused an influx of fentanyl and violent criminals to flood into our country. By allowing illegal immigrants to reside in our communities, we are endangering our citizens and ignoring the rule of law. In Congress, I will work to protect American families by securing our border and banning ‘sanctuary cities’.”