Sen. Young Provides Update on Area Farms Impacted by Recent Heavy Rainfall

From Local Sources 

AREA WIDE -- The heavy rains are creating difficulties for area farmers.

"This is a difficult time right now for many of our nation’s farmers, especially Hoosiers,"  U.S. Senator Todd Young of Indiana said on Capitol Hill Monday.  "Adverse weather conditions have complicated the planting season and many Hoosier farmers can’t get their crops into the ground."

He continued, "Earlier this month, only 31 percent of corn crop was able to find its way into the ground as compared to 67 percent nationally. Fortunately, we recently passed a disaster aid bill, which includes payments for crop and livestock losses in 2018 and 2019 due to severe weather." 

Young says he hopes the U.S. D.A will issue guidelines soon for how farmers can go about getting financial help.  He says the process, as it stands now, is very confusing.

Some local farmers have skipped corn this year and planted other crops instead like soybeans and wheat.

Hear Young's full remarks below.