Secretary of State Diego Morales’ Office Distributing $2 Million in Federal Grants to County Election Offices

Local Sources- Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales announces $2 million election improvement grant funding available for Indiana counties.  

The funds are part of the Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Election Security Grants program.

The intention of the Secretary of State’s office is to advance the grant money to Indiana counties for local election improvement efforts. Funds will be distributed to counties based on proposal requests.

“Since I took office, I’ve made a commitment to county clerks and election administrators to provide them with the tools and resources they need. This is an effort to deliver on that promise.  We are looking forward to innovative proposals from county officials to help improve elections at the local level and make the Hoosier state stronger,” said Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales.

Projects eligible for grant money include voter education and outreach, poll worker recruitment and training, cybersecurity efforts, accessibility for disabled voters, and other initiatives to improve election administration and voting.

Secretary Morales understands each county is different which means there’s a wide range of needs to help county clerks, election workers, and voters experience open, efficient, trustworthy elections. 

County clerks and election administrators have until October 31st to submit grant requests. Staff at the Secretary of State’s Office staff will be conducting Q and A sessions and assisting counties with the grant application process.