Redstone Car Service Offering Free Limo Rides to Military Returning Home for the Holidays

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JASPER -- Redstone Car Service is offering free limousine rides from the airport or bus station for active duty military members returning home for the holidays.

Interested family members need to contact Redstone — 800-505-0486 — prior to the military member returning home to arrange transportation. When the military member arrives, they will be met by a stretch limousine or black car from Redstone and brought home free of charge.

According to the owner, Garrett Cooper, he personally understands the sacrifices military men and women have made, day in and day out, thousands of miles from home, in the face of mortal danger. “To give thanks and to honor those men and women, we are doing what we can to help get every last one of our heroes home safely,” he explained on a Facebook post. “After riding in a military transport for countless hours, they deserve to be treated like royalty, because in our eyes, they are.”

Redstone will pick up a military member for free from airports and bus stations within a 100-mile radius of Jasper. They will drop off the military member to any location within a 25-mile radius of Jasper.

“We are a small company with finite resources, but we will do everything in our power to provide this service to as many people as possible,” Cooper wrote on Facebook. “The 100-mile radius includes all local airports/bus stations and includes major airports such as Evansville, Louisville and Indianapolis.”

To schedule a pick up, call 800-505-0486