One Year Ago Today: Banks Launches Senate Campaign

Jim Banks hit the ground running in his race to represent Indiana in the U.S. Senate one year ago today. Since last January 17th, Banks earned endorsements from President Donald Trump and over 400 other conservative leaders at the local, state and national level. In an unprecedented move for an open-seat primary, the Indiana State GOP endorsed Banks and declared him the presumptive nominee last August.

“I am in this race because Indiana is a conservative state and Hoosiers deserve a United States Senator who will stand steadfast against the Left’s attempts to dismantle our values and way of life. We started this campaign strong one year ago today, and we have not let up the pace since,” Congressman Jim Banks said. “We desperately need to take back the Senate this November to get our country back on track. I am grateful for every single prayer, volunteer, endorsement, dollar raised, and encouraging word through this process – it means the world to my family and pushes us closer to that crucial goal. I look forward to continuing to travel across the state this year and make my case to Hoosiers that if they send me to the Senate, I will fight to secure our border, stop the Left’s reckless spending, and push back against the woke madness that is infiltrating our schools and military. Today marks a year in the race, but we are just getting started.”