Mindy Sendelweck Receives Early Childhood Educator Excellence Award

Jasper- Mindy Sendelweck, pre-kindergarten teacher at Ireland Elementary School, was honored for the Early Childhood Educator Excellence Award at the 2023 Educator Excellence Gala on September 8, 2023. 

This award recognizes an individual early childhood educator with three of more years of experience who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting Indiana’s youngest students in developing kindergarten readiness skills. The individual proactively engages in professional development and seeks out opportunities to learn from other educators, welcomes feedback, and uses data to drive their instruction to ensure all students are supported. 

“I am honored to be given the 2023 Early Childhood Educator Excellence Award,” said Sendelweck. “I am surrounded by so many inspiring educators that drive me to be the best educator by continuing to always aim high when it comes to educating our wonderful students. Our school leader, Mrs. Bauer, our staff, our school families, and the amazing kids make going to school each day so enjoyable and being an educator a wonderful profession to be in. Prekindergarten is near and dear to my heart as we help them start their educational journey and assist them in learning their foundational skills for their school careers. Prekindergarten is full of creativity, excitement, and imagination and I am very blessed to be teaching that at Ireland Elementary.” 

“When you step into the vibrant world of Mrs. Sendelweck’s Prekindergarten classroom, you see a classroom filled with engagement and students who are thriving,” said Ireland Elementary School Principal, Shannon Bauer. “Her passion for educating young students is at the forefront which drives age-appropriate activities and a student-focused curriculum. I am truly honored to have Mrs. Sendelweck at Ireland Elementary School making a difference each and every day!” 

Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools would like to say congratulations to Mrs. Mindy Sendelweck on receiving the 2023 Early Childhood Educator Excellence Award. We deeply appreciate her role as a member of the GJCS staff.