Messmer Column: Supporting Hoosier auto dealerships

Local Sources- On this week's Messmer Column, State Senator Mark Messmer (R-Jasper) discusses supporting Hoosier auto dealerships. 

For most Hoosiers, having reliable transportation means owning your own vehicle.

Earlier this year, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation to help lower some costs for auto dealers so savings can be passed on to Hoosiers.

House Enrolled Act 1236 requires a manufacturer to compensate a car dealership for "over-the-air" repairs on vehicle equipment.

As technology in our cars and trucks change, some maintenance can be done electronically.

In this case, many drivers must go to the car dealership for the over-the-air work to be done on their vehicle.

House Enrolled Act 1236 allows a car dealer to be paid by a manufacturer for the work because of the time dedicated to fixing the issue.

The bill also allows dealers to receive compensation of up to 1% of a vehicle's wholesale value, per month, if a vehicle cannot be provided parts due to a recall and the dealer is not able to sell the car.

This allows a dealer to recoup some money for having a vehicle take up space that could have been used to display a car with a higher chance of being sold. It also encourages manufacturers to get these cars in working order and ready to be sold.

This legislation will not only help lower the cost of maintenance, but allow dealerships to complete work on a car, and return it to the owner quicker.

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