Major Project Updates for Dubois County

The Dubois County Board of Commissioners met in their regular session early Monday morning to hear updates on some major budget items for the county. 

The Commission approved the contract for services between Dubois County and the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission, which manages community and economic development projects that brings millions of dollars into the regional economy. Radon Inspector Proposals were opened for the Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program, which is administered by the Indiana 15. These will be reviewed to see if the submitted bids are complete and fulfill the stipulated requirements. Indiana 15 representative Jenny Matheis updated the board that home inspections have begun for the Rehab program. She said that her office has been meeting with some very happy homeowners who are excited to have repaired roofs and working air conditioning with the rains and warmer weather. Commission President Chad Blessinger said that he anticipates that the program will be able to help approximately 40 homeowners throughout the county. 

Dubois County 4-H president Ed Boeglin addressed the Commissioners to express 4-H’s thanks to the county and discuss some budget concerns. The organization’s current budget is $300,000 annually, $125,000 of which is received from the County and the remainder which is raised by 4-H. The county used to provide $145,000, but that was reduced when county funds weren’t available. Boeglin said that 4-H is requesting that the county consider raising the budget for 2025 by $20,000, back to the original allocation. The board expressed their appreciation for the work done by 4-H, particularly the recent improvements made to the grandstands at no cost to the county. The board’s consensus was that they definitely support some level of increase of funding if the Council finds that it can be accommodated. 

A Crossvine Solar Project representative provided the Commissioners with an updated Decommissioning Agreement, which is part of the permit process for the construction application. The Commissioners were informed that while not identical, this agreement is very similar to the one in place with Duff Solar. Of the approximately 1600 acres that have been leased, about 650 acres are expected to be utilized in the project for panel installation. Commissioner Blessinger stated, “as a reminder, we’re not saying that we’re for or against the project or anything about it, but we’re saying that it is a permittable project…” The Commissioners agreed that all requirements have been met and signed Crossvine’s permit for construction. 

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 - By Drew Hasselbring