Lowell Trooper Named "Trooper of the Year" for 2023

Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas G. Carter has announced the recipient of the 2023 Indiana State Police Trooper of the Year. This honor is bestowed upon a deserving Trooper that exemplifies the department’s lofty standards and expectations as related to the overall mission. Leadership, productivity, service to the community both on and off duty, and assigned responsibilities are just a few areas taken into consideration when nominated. 

The 2023 Indiana State Police Trooper of the Year is Trooper Dennis L. GriffinTrp. Griffin’s performance and accomplishments during 2023 are worthy of such recognition, having earned him this prestigious award. He is also the 2023 Trooper of the District for the Lowell Post.

During 2023, Trp. Griffin was assigned to the late shift at the Lowell Post. Trp. Griffin is a Field Training Officer (FTO), a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), Recruiting Liaison, and is an instructor for Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s) and Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVO). In 2023, Trp. Griffin had 1801 traffic contacts, 114 criminal arrests (27 of which were for felony crimes), 111 OWI arrests (2nd highest in the Lowell District for 2023), investigated 79 crashes and had 455 police service contacts with motorists. Trp. Griffin also worked numerous hours of overtime which resulted in an additional 809 total contacts (460 tickets and 349 warnings), 39 additional criminal arrests and 32 additional criminal defendants.

In his nomination, Trooper Griffin was noted as being a leader by example with his hard work and initiative. His dedication and commitment to serving the public is on display daily. Trooper Griffin exhibits the qualities of a motivated and dedicated “hard charger” who enjoys coming to work every day.  He is a well-rounded trooper and is truly an asset to not only the Lowell District but to the department as well.  F/Sgt. Terrance Weems commented, “Trooper Griffin embodies everything that it means to be an Indiana State Trooper. He takes great pride in making Indiana roadways safe for all of its travelers.” 

Trooper Griffin is a five-year veteran of the Indiana State Police. He resides in Jasper County with his family.