Local Companies Can Now Apply for Governor's Century and Half Century Awards


DUBOIS COUNTY -- Local companies can now apply for the Governor’s Half Century and Century Awards.

They are given out by the state to Hoosier companies that have been in operation for at least 50 years; over 100 years for the Century Award.

Winners will receive a commemorative certificate and be recognized at a ceremony at the Statehouse.

Qualifying Criteria

  • By signing the application each business recognizes, acknowledges and agrees that it is in full compliance with the following agencies: Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development. A business not in compliance with any one of these entities will not be eligible to receive an award.
  • Each business must have had continuous operations in Indiana for at least 50 or 100 years by December 31, 2019. Companies that have been in business for more than 50 or 100 years are welcome to apply for an award.
  • Each company must be involved in the same type of business as when the it was founded. If different, an explanation of the evolution into the current business must be provided on the nomination form.
  • Each business must have been located in the state of Indiana for base operations since the founding of the company.
  • If ownership has shifted from the original founder the nomination form must demonstrate chain of ownership from founder to present.
  • A company may only receive Century or Half Century business recognition from the State of Indiana one time. Half Century Award recipients may later qualify for a Century Award. By completing an application the company certifies that it has not previously received the award for which it is applying.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Due diligence and application acceptance begins in January 2020. Applications are due by February 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM EDT. 
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
Click here to complete the 2020 Century and Half-Century Award application.