LifeSpring Health Systems New "Hope Center"

On Friday afternoon the LifeSpring Health Systems held a luncheon and provided new information about the new "Hope Center" coming to the Jasper Community. 

This has been a very long lengthy process to get this new "Hope Center". The very first meeting to begin talking about this idea and starting the whole process was scheduled for March of 2020, but due to the Coronavirus it halted the start. But now finally close to opening LifeSpring couldn't be more excited.  

The "Hope Center" will be a residential substance use treatment facility that will be opening in 2024. The building is just about fully complete with the furniture expected to arrive at the end of February. LCSW Vice President of the Western Division Stacy Moore-Nolan is hopeful to begin taking patients at the end of March, but a set date has not been set yet. 

The facility will consist of two separate wings that one whole side will be for women and the other whole side will be for men. On each wing there will be 12 total beds with double occupancy each side, a bathroom and shower room, kitchen area, and a laundry room. There is an outside recreation center where patients can do outside exercises and enjoy the fresh air as well as play on a new half-court basketball goal. 

The Hope Center will take anyone who is in need of getting help. You can walk just right on into the facility and a employee will help you ASAP and get you on the road to recovery. The Hope Center will also help working with the patients who need help to pay for the facility but Vice President Stacy Moore-Nolan said, "what really matters to us here is getting people who want/need help the proper help they need and get them on a recovery track." 

We will continue to give more information on the new LIfeSpring Health Systems "Hope Center" as more information is provided.