Kimball International Announces It's Consolidating Manufacturing Operations


JASPER -- Kimball International has announced its consolidating its manufacturing operations.

The Jasper-based company is also implementing a company-wide approach to all corporate business practices.

In a statement Monday, the company says the moves reflect the company’s commitment to maximizing operational efficiency and increasing value for customers and shareholders.

The plan will streamline manufacturing for all of the company’s brands into one global operations group.  It’s designed to enable the Kimball International Connect Strategy through increasing value across the business units and the enterprise.

The Global Operations team will include manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, logistics, R&D, safety, and environmental. “I’m excited about the opportunity to leverage our manufacturing strengths across the organization,” said Meunier. “We are committed to providing high quality products and service to our customers and our new structure provides an even greater opportunity to deliver on that promise.”

To lead the corporate business practices and legal affairs, Kimball International recruited Johnson, who was previously Deputy General Counsel at Newell Brands Inc. Johnson’s role will support the company’s shift to a centralized structure and the Kimball International Connect strategy; he will also develop company-wide Environmental, Social and Governance policies.

“Our center-led structure requires a strategic approach to legal and compliance matters, as well as expertise in ESG practices,” said Juster. “We’re committed to further strengthening our corporate sustainability and social impact initiatives, and Mark’s leadership and experience with other publicly traded companies will catapult our efforts in these areas.”