JSI Introduces JSI Health

At Jasper Group, our highest purpose is keeping our business strong for future generations of Hoosiers who call this area home. We know that the most effective way to achieve this is through investment in our people and processes, innovation and technology, and diversification within our industry and customer base.

For more than a century JSI, Jasper Group brand, has been focused on providing furniture and a highly personalized customer experience to create environments that inspire people to love what they do. We’ve crafted pieces for corporate, education, government, and hospitality that are both beautiful and incredibly functional. Now, we lovingly take this same philosophy and enter the healthcare space.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we are introducing a new segment of furniture and services specifically for the healthcare industry. At JSI Health, we understand the transformative power that design has on a space. It's where passion and purpose can flourish, even in challenging times. We believe this environment can inspire people to love where they thrive, love where they care, and ultimately, love where they heal.

Why Healthcare?
Entering the healthcare space is something we take very seriously – we understand the enormous priority of providing comfort and support where it matters most. This is a journey we began because we knew we could make a difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to enable greater focus on the patient, make a supportive space for their loved ones, and arm caregivers with intuitive features that work for them not against them. We sought highly functional yet beautiful designs with comfort that feels like home. With the help of Mike Shields, one of the healthcare industry’s most preeminent furniture designers, we had a clear path forward: human-centered design that kept the focus on the interactions, the comfort, and the ease of these individuals. This is why we make exceptional furniture for caregiving, recovery, wellness, and rejuvenation.

About JSIJSI creates quality furniture for work and life while holding true to our company motto: Love What You Do. Strongly rooted in the heart of the Midwest, generations of our furniture family have been proudly practicing their craft in southern Indiana since 1876.