Jasper Youth Baseball Sign up Sunday

Jasper- The Jasper Youth Baseball league will have their sign ups this Sunday. 

Sign ups for the Jasper Youth Baseball Leagues will be held Sunday, February 12th from 1:00 to 3:00pm in the Habig Center. 

Participants must be ages 5 through 15 as of August 31st to be eligible to play.

All 5 – 15 year olds in Bainbridge Township or players that are enrolled in schools within the district boundaries (which includes Jasper Elementary, Holy Trinity Schools, Jasper Middle School and Jasper High School) are eligible for the Jasper Little League Program regardless of residency. For any 5 – 15 year old living outside Bainbridge Township and the school district boundaries, you can play in our league; however, a waiver must be obtained from the Little League Central Region Headquarters.

Registrations forms can be picked up at school, on our website leaguelineup.com/jasperyouthbaseball or will be available the day of registration.

Questions, please contact Jason Stamm at 812-630-5760.