Jasper Schools Implementing New Security Elements for Upcoming School Year

JASPER -- Dubois County kids go back to school next month and officials in Jasper are implementing new measures to keep those kids safe in class.

The Greater Jasper School Board met Monday night where the topic of school security came up.

"On a daily basis, our schools are locked down.  We have adequate supervision and we feel like our staff has been trained to know when to allow someone in, when not to," says Jasper Schools Superintendent Tracy Lorey.

"Jasper received word (recently) that we are the recipiants of an Indiana Department of Homeland Security Secure Schools Grant.  That is a matching grant.  We would equally match the dollars that are given to us through the department.  We have already written that grant as a means of trying to obtain another school resource officer."

Jasper schools are also taking advantage of handheld metal detectors being made available by the state.  Dr. Lorey says they have requested the detectors from the state, however, she has not heard when they may receive the devices.  The state is offering one wand per 250 students.

School officials stress, however, policies and procedures must be put in place BEFORE the detectors are used….. They are currently working on that.

Jasper schools are also using security film to further secure entry ways in all of its schools using a special security film.

The school corporation is also conducting tactical site visits and assessments to look at ways schools can further increase security.

Dr. Lorey Monday night, brushing off the old post 9-11 addage, “If you see something, say something.”  Report suspicious activity to local police or school officials.

Teachers go back from summer break August 8th.The students, on the 9th.