JASPER Remanufacturing Facility Earns VPP Star Safety Re-Certification

From Local Sources 

JASPER -- The Indiana Department of Labor has granted a five-year extension of the Star Certification of Jasper Engines & Transmissions’ Jasper remanufacturing facility in Indiana’s Voluntary Protection Program.  The Wernsing Road remanufacturing facility earned its initial Merit Safety Certification in 2008, ultimately achieving Star Safety Certification in April 2012.

VPP was established to recognize and promote safety and health management programs throughout the state. All companies, regardless of size or business, can participate in VPP, where management and employees work together to create and maintain a healthy working environment. 

“Your re-approval to VPP is a strong endorsement of the continued dedication to workplace safety and health demonstrated by you and your Associates at Jasper,” said Travis Gentry, Indiana Department of Labor’s VPP Manager. “As a participant in the VPP, you hold a position as an industry leader in workplace safety and health, and serve as a model for what a safety and health management system can be.”

“I want to thank our executive team, our managers and our leaders that do a great job supporting our safety programs,” Jasper Engines Safety Director, Jason Pieper said. “Earning, and keeping, Star Certification is where we want to be as a company in our continuing safety journey.” 

JASPER’s three Indiana remanufacturing facilities are part of a group of 92 Indiana companies that have achieved VPP Certification.  JASPER’s Crawford County remanufacturing facility in Leavenworth, Indiana, achieved VPP Star Safety Certification in August 2013.  JASPER’s Drivetrain Remanufacturing facility became VPP Star Certified in January 2018.