Jasper Redevelopment Authority Passes Resolution to Advance Pool Construction

The Jasper Redevelopment Authority met in Council Chamber on Wednesday afternoon to take care of some business related to the Municipal Pool Project. 

The Redevelopment Authority was established in order to serve as a corporation for the Redevelopment Commission’s projects. This satisfies the legal requirements that will allow the project to progress and funding to be secured. The property is owned by the Authority, the corporation, which also has to be the owner of the project, the pool. Eventually, after completion, the Authority can lease back the property. 

While it’s under construction, however, the value of the property is not sufficient as an asset to secure the funding since it is still being developed. In order to cover that, the Authority has to identify a separate asset, which will be the Habig Community Center. Indiana State laws allow for the transfer of government owned properties of similar value between agencies. The Authority approved a resolution which accepts the transfer of the swimming pool property and the Habig Center from city of Jasper to Redevelopment Authority. This is contingent on the Common Council passing an identical resolution at their meeting. 

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 - By Drew Hasselbring