IU Health is Seeking Plasma Donations From Patients Who Have Recovered From Coronavirus


INDIANAPOLIS- Indiana University Health is asking patients who have recovered from the coronavirus, to donate blood plasma. 

For those who have recovered, IU Health say their blood may contain antibodies that are able to fight and control the virus. The antibodies collected will be transfused to those who are struggling with COVID-19 through convalescent plasma infusion. 

Jonathan Gottlieb, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer at IU Health said in a statement, “Not only is it a potential way to develop effective treatments for this virus, it’s a gift from one donor that could impact multiple lives.” 

Donors must be able to prove they had a positive diagnosis and be symptom free for 28 days. 

Those interested in donation can visit https://iuhealth.org/find-medical-services/covid-19-recovered-plasma-donation for more information.