Ireland Elementary School and Jasper Elementary School chosen for 2023-2024 GYTO Partnership

Jasper- Ireland Elementary School and Jasper Elementary School are about to embark on an electrifying journey! Get Your Teach On (GYTO) has handpicked these two schools, standing out along with ten other schools in the state, for an explosive partnership. But this isn’t just any partnership, this is a game-changer for students, staff and the entire Dubois County community!  

Imagine a dynamic alliance with GYTO, the trailblazers in educator empowerment. They are on a mission to ignite growth tailored to each school’s unique needs. From amplifying classroom strategies to boosting student engagement, their approach will propel students and staff at these GJCS schools towards academic excellence. 

GJCS educators, who were already inspired by GYTO, have attended electrifying conferences and retreats, where their excitement and passion for the organization has continued to grow. Last year, Cedar Crest was lucky to experience a partnership with GYTO, and one project included redoing the LGI room and installing a 360 projector to create an engagement lab for students. This year, Ireland Elementary School and Jasper Elementary School will be two of the lucky schools that will see changes thanks to GYTO. Lisa Kincer, educator at Ireland Elementary, and Ryan Erny, principal at Jasper Elementary, submitted proposals to GYTO that were chosen for the partnership. 

On August 25th, a zoom meeting took place with the entire GYTO team. During this zoom, it was announced that GYTO star, Amelia Capotosta, would be the team member coming to both Jasper Elementary School and Ireland Elementary School. Brace yourselves - she’s not just making one pit stop, but four two-day visits to each school. With GYTO’s visionary leaders by her side, she will unleash a tsunami of instructional brilliance. They’re not just tweaking the academics, rather sculpting a whole new dimension of growth. Think academics, think climate - it’s all under the spotlight. 

The Indiana Department of Education and GYTO joined forces in 2022. This seismic alliance is not about just boosting test scores, but about sculpting a whole new world of education. Picture an environment where every student’s potential bursts forth and every teacher’s impact is celebrated like fireworks. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about hearts and minds soaring higher than ever. 

Jasper Elementary School and Ireland Elementary School aren’t just partnering with GYTO, they’re working to ignite a revolution in education. The sky is not the limit, this is the beginning of an exhilarating journey that will impact students, staff, and the entire Dubois County Community. 

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