Indiana Celebrates 'Porktober' with Tenderloin-Lover's Trail

Dubois Co. - Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, the Indiana Culinary Trails Taskforce, Indiana Destination Development Corporation, and the Indiana Foods Alliance have announced a statewide 'Tenderloin Trail' to celebrate Hoosier pork production this 'Porktober'.

October is pork month in Indiana. What better way to celebrate than by ordering Indiana's unofficial sandwich since 1908, the pork tenderloin?

"Last session, we had legislation to make popcorn the official Indiana snack," Crouch joked. "Maybe this session we'll see some legislation to make the breaded pork tenderloin Indiana's official sandwich."

But pork production in the state, Crouch says, is no joke.

"Porktober is a way to celebrate [being] the fourth-largest producer of pork, and exporter of pork, within the country," Crouch said. "So we celebrate pork in a big, big way."

3,000 Indiana pork producers generate an estimated $377 million dollars, annually.

This Porktober, Indiana Pork is donating $1,000 to five restaurants along the Tenderloin Lover's Trail; the Indiana Soybean Alliance will be donating $1,000-worth, or approximately 50 gallons, of high oleic soybean oil to each of the top-five restaurants.

Statewide, 60 restaurants are participating in the Tenderloin Lover's Trail. Hoosiers are being encouraged to stop by locations, enjoy a breaded pork tenderloin and vote for their favorites online at

In WITZ's listening area, four restaurants will be participating this year. Snap's, the Schnitzelbank, and Mill House in Jasper are members - The Post in Tell City will also participate.

Anyone who checks into any five participating restaurants can win a BPT (Breaded Pork Tenderloin) shirt, courtesy of Indiana Pork.