INDems to INGOP: Release GOP Poll Showing 63% of Hoosiers Support Abortion Access, Opposition to Extreme Measures

Local Sources- A released poll is showing how popular the Indiana Senate Abortion Bill is among Republicans, says Indiana Democrats.

The Indiana Democratic Party called on the Indiana Republican Party to release its internal poll showing how deeply unpopular anti-abortion bills like Senate Bill 1 are with Hoosier voters. INDems claim "the “reliably Republican” poll shows 63-percent of Hoosiers support the state government keeping the state’s laws on abortion access as is". 

Further - a large majority of voters oppose extreme measures like SB1 and Indiana Right to Life’s “national model” which would outlaw abortions in every form except for saving the life of the mother. In fact, only 20-percent of voters support the “national model”, but the policy is expected to be introduced in some form this week in the Indiana House of Representatives. 

“The Indiana Statehouse is a small world, and people in both parties all know what the poll commissioned by Indiana Republicans says: about 63-percent of voters are pro-choice and want politicians to leave the state’s abortion laws as is. The data also says only about 20-percent of Hoosiers support the extreme, Jim Bopp-style legislation that would force women and children - even rape and incest survivors - to give birth,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “The will of the people is being ignored by the GOP supermajority, and just like permitless carry, the Indiana GOP is dead set on siding with extremist organizations and Christian nationalists over solving the kitchen-table issues voters care about most. Release the poll, Indiana GOP.”