Huntingburg Receives $20,000 Safety Grant From the State


HUNTINGBURG -- The City of Huntingburg has been awarded a $20,000 safety grant from the Indiana Public Employers’ Plan.

The funds will be used to purchase safety equipment for the city and provide training programs for city employees aimed at eliminating workplace injuries.

“Safety in the workplace is important for many reasons, and in order for our employees to work safely, they need the right tools,” says Safety Director Travis Gentry. “This grant allows us to continue providing educational opportunities and proper safety equipment for our employees.”

“The safety of our employees has always been a priority for the City, and we want to be sure that those showing up to work in our community are safe on the job, which allows them to go home to their families every evening.” says Mayor Denny Spinner. “Travis has done an excellent job of both maintaining, and even elevating, the safety standards within each department of the City.”

Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. (IPEP) is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation that was organized in 1989 to meet the needs of Political subdivisions and governmental entities of the State of Indiana. IPEP is the largest provider of public entity workers’ compensation in the State of Indiana, and provides a self-funded program that satisfies the obligations of IPEP members under the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Act, the Indiana Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act and the Indiana Employers’ Liability Act.