Huntingburg Man Arrested For Allegedly Dumping Around 40 Bags of Trash on Private Property

From Local Sources 

DUBOIS COUNTY -- A Huntingburg man was arrested over the weekend following an investigation into illegal dumping on private property.

That investigation began following a series illegal dumps in four separate locations near the Dubois / Pike County line.

Conservation officers allege 27-year-old Andrew Masterson was removing trash from a property in exchange for scrap metal.  The property owner told investigators he believed the trash was going to the landfill.

In all, officers say Masterson dumped around 40 bags of trash in multiple locations.

Investigators also say Masterson was driving on a suspended license with false plates to dump the trash.

He’s charged with two counts of Criminal Mischief, two counts of Criminal Trespass, two counts of Driving While Suspended With a Prior Conviction, two counts of Littering and one count of Hindering a Conservation Officer.