Huntingburg Eclipse Festival, Crosswalk Grant, and Critical Roof Repair

The Huntingburg Board of Public Works met this morning at City Hall with a full agenda. The board signed the Patoka Township Fire Protection agreement, which was already approved by the council. This long-standing agreement confirms that Huntingburg will provide fire protection to the township in exchange for compensation of approximately $26,000 annually. The Solar Eclipse Committee secured the necessary permissions for street closures related to the 2024 Solar Eclipse Festival in conjunction with the Daffodil Stroll in April. These events are expected to draw a large number of visitors to Huntingburg, and should be a great opportunity for the city. 

Street Superintendent Jason Stamm advised the board that the community crossing grant has been submitted for 2 nd Street from Jackson to Van Buren and Clay Street from 64 th to 9 th Street. The department has also compiled a list of 10-15 streets that were submitted through the grant application process as well to have Rejuvtec applied to preserve the road surfaces. This is a new process for the city, but could result in a substantial savings over time. The board also approved the acceptance of a bid to complete the community crossing projects that received grant funding from 2023’s application. 

Stamm also gave a presentation on the status of the roof project. Water is encroaching into the building, in almost every room and causing significant water damage from the active leaks as well as the water draining behind the walls. As this has been happening for at least five years, the first priority will be to fix the roof and then address the water damage. The board approved moving ahead to set up the scope of work and then soliciting for bids. 

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 - By Drew Hasselbring