Get Ready to Witness the Celestial Spectacle: Visit Dubois County to Sell Solar Eclipse Glasses

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, Visit Dubois County is thrilled to announce the release of our cutting-edge Solar Eclipse Glasses, designed to provide a safe and unforgettable viewing experience for sky gazers of all ages. 

With the rare celestial event just around the corner, our specially designed solar eclipse glasses offer unparalleled protection for your eyes, ensuring a clear and secure observation of the sun during this extraordinary phenomenon. Our glasses meet the safety standards, featuring ISO-certified solar filters that block harmful ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation, allowing you to witness the sun's mesmerizing dance with the moon without any risk to your eyesight. 

The eclipse glasses will be available to purchase for $2.00 each beginning on Friday, March 1 at the Dubois County Visitors Center, Dubois Branch Library, the Jasper Chamber office and select local, retail stores. The Dubois County Visitors Center is located at 248 E Third St. Ste. C in Jasper. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 4:30pm EST.