Delays and Supply Chain Problems Effect Jasper Project

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Jasper- Downton Jasper continues their first quadrant construction.

Workers have been on scene since the first week of June constructing the waterline and then moving onto the northeast quadrant in July. The original goal was to have two of the four quadrants completed by this Thanksgiving, but material shortages and delayed arrivals have pushed the beginning of quadrant two, which is the northwest portion, back to the beginning of 2023.

“They are issues,” said City of Jasper Mayor, Dean Vonderheide, “Everything that we have been fighting has been supply chain initiated. Delay in the supply chain has caused our crews to hold up doing work until we get materials on-site.”

The latest delays are the pavers and the swing uprights. The pavers are delayed until December, meaning a temporary fix in the parking areas will be in place. What that fix is exactly is being discussed.

“Once the pavers are delivered, we should have all the items.” Said Mayor Vonderheide.

The Mayor did emphasize that progress has been made on the concrete pouring despite a concrete shortage.

Crews will cease work after Thanksgiving for the Holiday shopping season and weather. Barriers will be moved and the square will be open the entire way for shoppers to visit the merchants on the square. Work will resume in the spring of 2023.