Courthouse Square Infrastructure and Revitalization forces change in Early Voting Location

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Jasper- In the 2020 General Election, 22,000 out of 30,000 registered voters cast their ballots in Dubois County. In the upcoming 2022 election, those who wish to do so early, will have to travel to a new location.

The ongoing Courthouse Square and Revitalization project has forced the Dubois County Election Committee to move locations from the Annex building to the 35th street Fire Station for the general election. As of right now this is for early voting only.

Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock says the change is to help keep traffic off the downtown square during construction.

“They need to go to the north side of town to get to the place that’s open for voting,” said Kippenbrock, “I think the plan is to just detour traffic off the courthouse square because of that construction traffic.”

Kippenbrock believes the fire station will be good fit, thanks to the ease of travel and location. Signs will be posted directing individuals to the parking areas and the fire station voting area.

Dubois County is also now a vote center county, meaning any registered Dubois County voter can vote at any registered site. Early voting in Indiana is 28 days prior to Election Day, or October 11th through November 7th.

This years’ General Election day will be Tuesday November 8th.

To check your voting status, apply for an absentee ballot, or find voting locations, visit You can also register to vote on the website. Voter registration ends on October 11th, 2022.