County Health Dept. Will No Longer Release Daily Numbers, Six New Cases Reported Wednesday


JASPER -- Six new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in Dubois County Wednesday.

That brings the total to 1,229 positive cases of COVID-19 in Dubois County residents since the pandemic began.

22 residents have died so far.  936 others have recovered.

The county Health Department will no longer be providing the daily numbers as they have been since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

Officials say their workload is increasing with the pandemic and the upcoming start to flu season.

The same numbers are available on the state’s dashboard at noon every day.  Instead of duplicating services, they are asking everyone to get their information from the dashboard.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW DASHBOARD DATA 

You can read the department's full statement below....

For the past 7 months we have provided the daily COVID-19 numbers and the up-to-date guidance as we received it.  

We truly appreciate all of our supporters and those of you out there who have been following the guidance from CDC, ISDH, and the local Health Department.  It has been a difficult year on everyone, and we understand the frustrations, we feel them every day as well.  With the increased workload, the immense amount of calls we are receiving and all the responsibilities coming to this department in the near future, we will no longer be giving a daily Covid-19 numbers report.  

As many of you are already aware the ISDH COVID-19 Dashboard  has all the information we have been sharing on a daily basis and much more valuable information.  Rather than duplicating services we are asking everyone to use this site for all their daily updates. 

The ISDH Dashboard updates every day at 12:00 noon.  With all of that said, we will continue to share guidance and other relevant information to help fight this pandemic in selective press releases.  Once again, the Health Department wishes to thank everyone for doing their part to help slow the spread of this virus.

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