Construction Projects Moving Forward in Dubois County

The Dubois County Board of Commissioners meeting came to order early morning with an agenda heavily focused on scheduled construction and preventative maintenance projects in Dubois County. Steve Berg provided the Highway Reports, noting that there have been several recommendations made by White Stallion Reclamation regarding future construction on County Rd 700 East. The Highway Department has made White Stallion aware of current road usage by land owners in order to ensure that decisions made are reflective of what will be best for the community. The timeline for completion is estimated to be an 18-month process. 

Additionally, Berg discussed the proposed placement of a cul-de-sac at 750 West at the North end. Since this location does consume some “croppable” ground, an alternate location may be identified farther to the south where the property would be less value for planting. 

The Highway Department also received the board’s approval for the purchase of a hydro excavator. Miles of current roadway now include an intricate network of fiber optic lines, live and abandoned copper lines, electric, sewer, and water lines, cable TV lines, and various other utility lines. While every effort is made to avoid severing these during excavation, utility component installations are so complex that there is no comprehensive record of all existing lines available. The hydro excavator will provide a much safer and environmentally friendly way to dig around underground utilities. 

In other business, the board signed a resolution to adopt Resolution 2024-7, a mitigation plan for disaster preparedness, as part of the process for making the county eligible for potential FEMA funds. Bids were also opened for three upcoming paving projects and contracts were awarded to the low bidders. The board further approved the removal and disposal of the tower from the Annex roof, as it is no longer needed and its components are outdated. The tower’s cell phone booster will be retained and moved to a new location. 

Shawn Werner presented the Health Department’s 2023 Annual Report. The board approved a proposed Eagle Scout Project with the department for the creation of a children’s activity and learning center at the immunizations department that will offer a more productive vaccination experience. 

Board members from the Huntingburg Airport announced that they will be receiving 3.3 million dollars in federal funding toward the construction of the terminal building. The project was described as having a tremendous economic impact on the community, providing jobs for Dubois County residents and opportunities for local businesses. They are still in need of an additional 3.2 million dollars, and the Commissioners expressed that they would provide a letter of support as financial requests are made with the County Council and additional grant providers.

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 - By Drew Hasselbring