Confirmed Bear Sighting in Santa Claus

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

UPDATE: Santa Claus Police have removed the earlier post about the bear sighting near Holiday World. The following was released on the SCPD Facebook Page:

"The post earlier has been taken down. Due to further investigation, more information has been obtained, and Holiday World will be doing a press release at some point today. Thank you all. Chief Faulkenburg."

WITZ did call the SCPD and spoke with Chief James Falkenburg, the Spencer County Sheriff's Department, and the Indiana DNR who confirmed the sighting was done by a Holiday World overnight security guard.

Original Post:

Santa Claus- Indiana Conservation Officers and Santa Claus Police have confirmed a bear sighting near Holiday World.

The photo was taken by a Holiday World employee on a security phone and sent to the SCPD. The employee believes they took the photo between 2:30 and 2:45am.

SCPD is searching for the bear, using tracks and other markers. Officers have not physically seen the animal according to Chief James Faulkenburg.

The spotting is believed to be on a back road near Lake Rudolph. Police and safety officials are asking anyone who sees the animal to contact them and not to approach. 

We will update you once more information becomes available.

Photo Credit: Santa Claus PD Facebook