Comedian Keith Alberstadt Takes the Stage at the Astra Theatre on October 14

Jasper- Renowned comedian Keith Alberstadt is coming to the Astra Theatre on Saturday, October 14, at 7:30 PM.  

Keith Alberstadt: The Master of Humor: Prepare to be entertained by the comedic genius of Keith Alberstadt,  whose unique perspective and sharp observations on everyday life have earned him accolades from comedy fans and critics alike. With a delivery that is both relatable and original, Keith's comedic stylings cover a wide range of topics, from his own personal experiences to the quirks of human behavior, all presented with  impeccable timing and uproarious punchlines. 

An Unforgettable Evening of Laughter: This performance at the Astra Theatre promises is an evening filled with belly-aching laughter. Keith Alberstadt's ability to find humor in the mundane and turn it into  comedic gold has earned him a dedicated following across the nation. Whether you're a long-time fan or  experiencing his comedy for the first time, be prepared to leave the theater with a smile that lasts long after the  final punchline. 

Join Us for a Night of Comedy: The historic Astra Theatre provides the perfect setting for an evening of  uproarious laughter. Located in the heart of Jasper, the Astra Theatre boasts a rich history and a warm, intimate  atmosphere that makes every seat feel like the best seat in the house. As the lights dim and the laughter fills the  air, you'll know you're in for a night of entertainment like no other. 

Event Details: 

• Date: Saturday, October 14 

• Time: 7:30 PM 

• Location: Astra Theatre 

• Address: 517 Main Street, Jasper, IN 47546 

• Tickets: $15 - $25. Secure your tickets today at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center or online at