Chalk Walk Good For Artists, Kids and Local Businesses

JASPER -- The sidewalks around the Dubois County courthouse square are a bit more colorful today after kids and artists converged on the area for the Annual Chalk Walk, Saturday.

“This is our 15th year, and, I tell you, when I think it can’t get any better it just continues to grow,” says Corina Mack with the Jasper Community Arts Commission, the group who puts on the annual event.  "The talent continues to show itself in so many surprising ways."

Mack says, while it’s a great chance for kids to express their artistic side with sidewalk chalk, it’s also a great opportunity for the local businesses in and around the square.  "I spoke to Matt over at Libby's [ice cream shop] this week and he said, 'You know, I love Chalk Walk.  It's my busiest day other than Strassenfest,'" explained Mack.

All of the food booths at this year's event were run by local non-profits with money going toward their individual organizations.