Bid Accepted for Jasper’s Community Crossings Project

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Board of Public Works and Safety assembled for a special meeting. The only item on the agenda was a bid opening for the Community Crossings matching grant project. An 8- street paving project for the city of Jasper will be funded by grant funds awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation. This special funding was awarded by the state in a cooperative effort with recipient communities to keep roads well-maintained, which contributes to motorist safety and economic development for the region. 

 The request for bids was advertised, with 3 received: 
J.H. Rudolph and Co. – $1,193,101.36 

C&R Construction – $1,092,386.60 

Calcar Paving – $973,269.20 

 The low bid of $973,269.20 from Calcar Paving came in under the engineer’s estimate. On the recommendation of the city engineer and the street department, the low bid was accepted and approved by the board. 

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 - By Drew Hasselbring